A Little About Myself

Genadijs Dmitrijevs


I will try to tell you a little about myself. I am 47 years old, Russian born, live and work in Latvia, not far from Riga (8 kilometers).

I started manufacturing jewelry quite accidentally. Quite by chance, 18 years ago, I visited the jewelry workshop of an acquaintance of mine at the request of my friends who were looking for someone who might be able to manufacture a certain type of jewelry set. I spent a lot of time at the workshop and watched the manufacturing process.

I think my acquaintance got tired of my simply watching him at work and he encouraged me to try my hand at making something. I tried and I found that it wasn’t that complicated for me. And that’s why, after that first attempt, I have continued trying and learning for the last 18 years.

For the first five years I only used manual efforts and without applying foundry techniques.

Later, I became interested in foundry production methods. I purchased the necessary equipment and started the second stage of my work. All of the work, beginning with the manufacturing of forms and up to the final product, I perform myself. To be clear, in general I was involved in more simple shapes and form. For complicated shapes, I rely on the services of a friend of mine who is a miniaturist sculptor. This enables me to complete those products faster and cost effectively.

I developed a variety of skull [shapes] but I still wanted to distinguish my work from similar products. That’s how I got the idea to manufacture little balls made from two types of metal because they have a distinctive contrast and to me seem to be more interesting.

In general, I find it more satisfying to manufacture more complicated, intricate pieces that require more time to produce. Since Chinese manufacturers are not interested in producing such complicated work, I have an opportunity to create my own niche in the market.
This is it, in brief.