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Cerberus in 925 Sterling Silver $130.00

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The Cerberus is something for all dog lovers! Despite his aggressive appearance he is actually quite friendly…… well, maybe not!

Weight : 0.99 ounces

Dimensions : 0.70 x 0.79 inches

Material : Bronze

Head Hole Size : 6mm/0.25 inch

The 0.25 inch hole diameter allows standard 550 Paracord pass through comfortably. The chin cavity allows the cord to be knotted and tucked away neatly.


A little trivia …

Cerberus was the gigantic hound which guarded the gates of Haides. He was posted to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld. Cerberus was described as a three-headed dog with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s claws. Some say he had fifty heads, though this number might have included the heads of his serpentine mane.


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