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King Skull 1 Pendent $158.00

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A little trivia…

A King is the title given to the head of a monarch, a supreme ruler, a male sovereign who holds by life tenure and usually by hereditary right is the chief authority over a country and people. . A king has an absolute authority in a kingdom and is the supreme authority within the kingdom. The position of a king is hereditary in most kingdoms around the world

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The absolute classic! The King….

The King Skull Bead is handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze.

The King is also available as a keychain which is better shown in the jewelry category.

Dimensions :  H 1.14 inches x W .82 inches x  D .98 inches

Has a total weight of 32gr /approx 1.2 ounces

The chain loop is affixed to the skull at the top of the head and is if a generous size allowing for a heavy gauge chain of your choice.

The bead itself is hand made and the attention to detail is excellent.




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