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Viking Skull $145.00

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A little trivia….

Far from being just “wild, barbaric, ax-wielding pirates,” the Vikings created complex social institutions, oversaw the coming of Christianity to Scandinavia, and made a major impact on European history through trade, travel, and far-flung colonization.

The Vikings were a seafaring people from the late eighth to early 11th century who established a name for themselves as traders, explorers and warriors. They discovered the Americas long before Columbus and could be found as Far East as the distant reaches of Russia

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The Viking Skull Bead is handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze. Has a total weight of 26gr /approx 0.91oz . The hole is 6mm/ 0.25 inches which allows standard size paracord to be threaded easily. The cavity under the chin gives sufficient room for the lanyard knot to be tucked away neatly. The bead itself is hand made and the attention to detail is excellent.

Dimensions :

Height 1.02 inches

Width 0.62 inches

Depth 0.86 inches

Weight : 26gr / 0.91 ounces

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze




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